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1Important Badges on Thu Jul 04, 2013 12:29 pm


Hello everyone! We have a new addition, badges! You can see a member's badges in their posts, or in their profile.

Here are the current badges:

Badges Tutori11
Tutorial Contributor
(Submit 15 Official Tutorials) 
Badges Sponso11
(Contribute & Become a Sponsor)
Badges Top_co11
Top Contributor
(At the Discretion of the Admins)
Badges School11
School Savvy
(At the Discretion of the Admins)
Badges Recrui12
(Recruit a Member)
Badges Recrui13
(Recruit 10+ Members)
Badges 500_po11
500 Posts
(500 Total Posts, No Spam!)
Badges 750_po11
750 Posts
(750 Total Posts, No Spam!)
Badges 1000_p11
1,000 Posts
(1,000 Total Posts, No Spam!)
Badges Admin_11
Admin Recommendation
(Recommended by Admin)
Badges Mod_re11
Mod Recommendation
(Recommended by Moderator)
Badges Great_11
Great Member
(50+ Thanks)
Badges Contes11
Contest Winner
(Win a Contest)
Badges Jackpo11
Jackpot Winner
(Win the Jackpot!)
VIP Member
Coming Soon

Recruiters and Recruited Members MUST PM an Admin! Badges are not automatically added to your profile, but by a staff member. Please be patient if you don't see your badge right away. Please note that some of these badges are given by the discretion of the staff (if they think you deserve it). Good luck and have fun! Very Happy

Badges Signat10
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