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Credit Shop - Rules, Templates, and Prices

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1Important Credit Shop - Rules, Templates, and Prices on Fri Jun 28, 2013 3:47 pm


Hello everyone! The Credit Shop is now open! Look below for the template and products you can purchase.

Currently available:
Username change: 10 credits
Create a signature: 20 credits
Badge color change: 20 credits
Username color change: 25 credits
Create a UserGroup: 30 credits
Access to VIP forums +Badge (coming soon): 35 credits
Shoutout (Youtube): 40 credits
75% off advertising: 45 credits
Bought at least one of all the above? Get a special badge PLUS a free advertisement!

Template to use (copy and paste text into new reply and fill out the following)
Item wanting to purchase:
PM when transaction complete?:

For a username change, include:
Current Username:
Desired Username:
Reason Wanting to Change:

For a signature, include (no images are allowed, max 3 lines; color, emoticons, and other formatting permitted) :
Signature Desired (WYSIWYG):

For a badge color change, include:
Badge ID:

For a username color change, include:
Color ID:

For a usergroup creation, include:
Type (Open, Closed, Hidden):
Desired Group Mod (If other than yourself) (Username only):

For a shoutout, include:
First name:
Username/Channel Name on Youtube:
Channel Description (Gaming, etc):
Channel URL:

For 75% Off Advertising, you will be contacted via PM regarding ad

Refunds are not granted unless it has been granted by the Admin. (Usually not refunded unless an ad was purchased, but then cancelled, or something like that) If you are requesting a refund, use the following:
Product Bought:
Link to Purchase in Archives:

Use the following for topic titles, please use one of the following:
[Username Change]
[Badge Color Change]
[Username Color Change]
[Usergroup Creation]
[Advertising Promo]
Thanks! This will stop any confusion

Thank you for visiting the credit shop! Also, on one last note, after a transaction is fulfilled by one of our staff members, the topic will be locked and moved to the archives. Thanks again! Very Happy

Credit Shop - Rules, Templates, and Prices Signat10
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